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NicheNameJacker expired domain finder searches the web for expired domains that you can re-register, re-build and flip for profit, redirect the traffic and affiliate commissions. NicheNameJacker is an expired domain finder that searches top Web 2.0 sites for low to high authority expired domains. These domains can be re-registered & re-directed or re-built & flipped for profit. Easily re-register, re-build, and increase sales from the targeted traffic of these domains. Increase the authority of a current site by rebuilding and linking back to your money site.

Niche Name Jacker returns important performance metrics such as number of backlinks and the page and domain authority of each domain straight from Moz & Majestic.

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Jack the authority, backlinks and affiliate commissions from expired domain names that people have forgotten about and let expire.

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NicheNameJacker was built for the sole purpose of finding expired domains and expired Web 2.0 blogs that have authority, traffic, backlinks and affiliate promotions. You can instantly find domains that are expired and available, have a positive authority in Moz & Majestic, and already have an established stream of targeted traffic as well as affiliate revenue.

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What type of domains can you find with NicheNameJacker?

NicheNameJacker will find any type of domain with any extension for you to re-register and re-build.

Buy Expired Domains

Use expired domains & Web2.0s with backlinks on major networks and with great metrics to cash in on instant affiliate sales!

Find Expired Domains

Find high quality expired domains in minutes on any TLD extensions

Find Expired Domains

Search for expired domains that get video traffic from Youtube as well as links on other major Web 2.0 sites like Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers. Jack the authority, traffic, and affiliate commissions.

Find Expired Web 2.0’s

Go beyond standard domains and acquire expired Web 2.0 properties.

Find Expired Domains

Youtube and other Web 2.0 properties have an insane amount of expired Web 2.0 blogs with traffic that are ripe for the picking. Quickly & easily find expired Web 2.0s with authority and traffic and jack the traffic from them.

Moz & Majestic Metrics

See the domain authority of each domain

Moz & Majestic Metrics

Check the domain authority and other metrics from Moz & Majestic. Accurate metrics for both domains and expired Web 2.0 blogs.

Backlinks Checker

Instantly check how many backlinks are pointing to the expired domain.

Backlinks Checker

NicheNameJacker will scan the Web 2.0 properties and find the backlinks to the expired domains and Web 2.0 blogs. Find out how many videos link to each property, download them, start your new channel and direct traffic to your new site.

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Here's some reasons to buy expired domains as opposed to starting from scratch.

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