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Expired Domains

  • Find expired top level domains and web 2.0 in any niche
  • See each domain’s availability
  • Re-register expired domains, add your links and flip the traffic and profit.

NicheNameJacker is an expired domain & expired Web 2.0 software program that finds expired domains & Web 2.0 blogs that you can re-register & re-direct or re-build & flip for profit.

NicheNameJacker scrapes the web for expired domains and then returns the results and from there you can check Moz & Majestic metrics and more.


NicheNameJacker scrapes Youtube, Reddit, Tumblr, Huffington Post, Wikipedia, Mashable, & Yahoo Answers for expired domains & expired Web 2.0 properties that are available to re-register. With NicheNameJacker, finding expired domains & expired Web 2.0 properties with traffic and good metrics has been simplified. With one click of a button, you can grab expired domains or expired Web 2.0s listed on the major sites listed above. (More scrapers coming soon!)

Why should I care about Expired Domains?

The value & traffic of expired TLD's is often greater than a newly registered domain.

Expired Domain refers to those domains which are expired due to some reason and their owners are unable to renew or they may not even want to renew the domains. This can happen for many reasons such as the owner or the company is no longer interested in the domain name or they have closed their business altogether.

Why should you buy expired domains?

  • Buying expired domains can help you grow your rankings quickly. Not only that, it can open a stream of already established traffic for your website. You can also benefit from an existing affiliate link on that domain (by flipping their affiliate links with yours). Find an expired domain, rebuild it, change affiliate links to yours and you can have instant targeted affiliate traffic & sales.
  • Take advantage of targeted traffic from Youtube videos and redirect all the traffic where you want it to go. "Review" videos are EXCELLENT for finding expired domains and converting the target traffic into sales.
  • Building a site from scratch takes time, money, and work. Speed up the process by finding expired domains and Web 2.0s and rebuilding them. With NicheNameJacker, you can instantly pull key domain performance metrics such as backlinks, page authority and domain authority, which ensures that you only buy an expired domain with established authority.

Find Expired Domains

Search for and find expired domains and expired Web 2.0 properties that you can in turn, sell, rebuild and flip for profit, or redirect to your sales page to increase your affiliate sales sevenfold.

Buy Expired Domains

Find Expired Domains

Find high quality expired domains with targeted traffic, Youtube views, and authority.

Find Expired Domains

Find the best quality expired domain names on Youtube with tons of videos & tons of views. Get authority by finding expired domains with listings on Wikepedia, Mashable, Huffington Post and more.....

Find Expired Web 2.0s

Go beyond standard domains and find expired Web 2.0 properties with authority.

Find Expired Web 2.0s

With NicheNameJacker, you will be able to find expired Web 2.0 properties that have backlinks from Youtube videos and other major social networks along with targeted affiliate traffic.

Backlinks & Videos

Instantly check how many backlinks & videos are pointing to the expired domains or expired Web 2.0s.

Backlinks & Moz Metrics

Once you find an expired domain or expired Web 2.0 you would like, you can check the backlinks and see what videos on Youtube link to the domain. It's VERY possible to find expired domains that have TONS of traffic from Youtube videos. Domains like these cause INSTANT affiliate commissions so beware!

Moz & Majestic Metrics

Find an expired domain or Web 2.0 & check it's Moz & Majestic metrics.

Moz & Majestic Metrics

Once you've found your list of expired domains or expired Web 2.0 properties, run a scan and check their Moz and Majestic metrics in order to make an informed decision.

There are many benefits of registering expired TLD and Web2.0 domains

Easily find and register an expired domain or Web2.0 and rebuild it. This saves you a tremendous amount of time, money, and work because you will be able to jack traffic from Youtube videos as well as rank in Google a lot quicker than if you started from scratch with a newly registered domain.

  • Stop wasting time on building back links as expired domains usually have established back links.
  • Domain age is very important in SEO. An older domain with established links stands a better chance to rank.
  • Alexa rank will be better of expired domain as compare to new domain.
  • Expired domain can be a great source of traffic, especially the domains with Youtube videos.
  • Swap affiliate links of previous owner with yours and earn instant affiliate commissions.
  • Redirect traffic to your or any website or re-build it and flip for profit.
  • Build a Google-Safe powerful Private Blog Network in any niche you like.

Check out the power of NicheNameJacker & unleash floods of targeted traffic.


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NicheNameJacker is an expired domain & expired Web 2.0 software program that finds expired domains & Web 2.0 blogs that
you can re-register & re-direct or re-build & flip for profit..

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NicheNameJacker is an expired domain & expired Web 2.0 software program that finds expired domains & Web 2.0 blogs that
you can re-register & re-direct or re-build & flip for profit....Buy now for ONLY $67/month.

Find & buy expired domains & expired web 2.0 blogs that are of much higher quality than you can find elsewhere, without paying an arm and a leg or giving up your first born. It’s easy to find the best because you have all the tools you need, right in front of you. No having to worry about buying an expired domain from a scam artist that beefs up domain authority in a malicious manner. Find expired domains yourself and see the REAL metrics for yourself and make and informed decision on whether or not to purchase a specific expired domain. Use the backlink checker to check backlinks and make sure the domains are legitimate. Download videos from the Youtube channel that contains the expired domains, build/replicate that channel and start getting instant targeted traffic from Youtube. So many more things you can do with NNJ so don’t delay. Get it today, what do you say?